Making Circle #7

Making Circle #7 from Magali Sanheira on Vimeo. 2017 Durée 21’02”. HD, 16/9, stéréo, couleurs Dessin amplifié réalisé In Situ, charbon sur bois. Aide à la production Bandits-Mages. Debout face à une cimaise servant de surface de captation, je trace au charbon de manière répétitive un cercle de mon envergure dont la forme évolue et […]


2017 Digital album. Duration : 24′ 51″ Editions Entrefer 005 Hamlet-Machine by Carbon Sink / Damien Schultz G. A : DIY “Electricity Break Synth Enigma”, processing digital, field recordings M. S : Wooden plate, microphones, motorized bow, effects Damien Schultz : Voice Text “Hamlet-Machine” by Heiner Müller Extract : “I was Hamlet. I stood at […]

Instruments pour huis-clos

2017 Installation sonore Dimensions variables À l’origine était un dispositif microphonique destiné à un concert de croisière. Nous allions nous retrouver à huis-clos pour un temps indéterminé, à remonter le canal de l’Ourq. Les instruments que nous avions sélectionnés pour notre duo musical avec Gaël Angelis – Carbon Sink – consistaient en une suite d’objets […]

Memory of the violence and dreams about the future

2014-2015 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, PANEL DISCUSSIONS AND RESEARCH – Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina – Kibla Portal, Maribor, Slovenia – National Museum of Montenegro. Cetinje, Montenegro Curator: Sanja Kojic Mladenov Artists: Igor Antić _ Igor Bošnjak _ Distruktura – Barbara Barbi Marković _ Robert Jankuloski _ Jelena Jureša _ Thomas Köner _ Nebojša Lazić _ […]

Making Circle #4

2013 In Situ Amplified drawing Coal, wood 306 x 338 cm Sound recording 3’40″min Audio broadcast In front of an amplified cima, a piece of coal in my hand…held out at arms’ length, I trace circles the circumference of my ‘wingspan’. The gesture is constrained by my physical form, and the space that it’s inscribing. […]

Shed light on the origins

2016 Vinyl LP – 12” Editions Entrefer 002. Edition of 500 copies. Shed light on the origins by CARBON SINK / Z’EV Gaël Angelis : Tesla coil, Gas-discharge lamp, microphones, electronics Magali Sanheira : Delay, decoys, microphones, electronics Z’ EV : Electronic drums, Yamaha DTXPRESS, 16-bit AWM2 With side A and side AA Shed light […]

Kinetic Rocketeers

2016 Video HD – 8’22” Stereo, colors “Kinetic Rocketeers” is a ghostly exploration of the house of Frank Malina, an aeronautical engineer and painter. The film is inspired by the book of Ewen Chardronnet “Mojave Epiphany” – Editions Inculte – that relates the secret history of the US space program, result of careful investigation and […]